Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digby & Iona: War of 1812

Throughout the years of knowing Aaron Ruff [Digby & Iona] a few things have always remained true.
1.  He has the best sense of style.  Both on his person, and in his decor choices.
2.  He has always been my all time favorite jewelry designer.

I own more of his pieces than any other designer and spend more on his collections. 
That being said, he has been due for some new work and literally as I uttered these words to Kate looking over his site, he sent me his new digs.

We are happy to present the War of 1812 Collection!
 My favorites being the tiny boat wave ring 14k center and waves band and his battleship diagram band ring.  I think these make an excellent pairing.  Maybe one for you, and one for your honey?
Also equally awesome is his Code of the Sea ring.  It's a wrapped dagger ring with the phrase If I Tell You I Have To Kill You etched into the blade.

We've also added some new pieces to our stock that are new to us, but not to Digby.
There is the engraveable stump ring (you can get your initials and your boo's initials etched in it like you do on trees) and the ties that bind band ring.  We've also added his compass signet (complete with wax for sealing) to our signet collection, alongside his repeat offender and Old Hollywood best seller, anatomical heart signet.