Monday, June 25, 2012

Vote for Old Hollywood!

Old Hollywood has grown into something that I could only have dreamed.  
I remember looking at our very first space on Meserole (all 300 square feet of it) and imagining the possibilities.  All that we could accomplish with just our talents, our bare hands, and just a little bit of money.
Since laying that painful floor and removing those hideous light fixtures, Old Hollywood took up stake and has flourished.
From our stint in the Limelight Marketplace, our gorgeous new space (well, new-ISH) on Franklin St, to our brand new baby in the Lower East Side, Alex and I have been in a perpetual state of expansion since we opened the door.  With all this growth comes immeasurable expense. Doing all this without loans, grants, or wealthy parents has been very difficult. 
 But now you can help us even more by casting a vote for Old Hollywood in Mission: Small Business.
What is Mission: Small Business?
 Chase Bank is giving 12 small businesses a $250,000 small business grant to help successful small businesses continue to support their communities and thrive.  
In order to qualify to be considered for the grant we need 250 votes in addition to the essays Alex and I already had to write!
So we really need your help!
All you have to do is log-on to Mission Small Business (if you are already logged onto facebook it automatically logs you in) and search for Old Hollywood and hit VOTE.  It is super easy and takes 25 seconds.