Friday, June 22, 2012

Betina Lou!

Betina Lou is the Canadian honey love child of Marie Eve-Edmond. After working in fashion for almost 10 years, Eve-Edmond decided to set off on her own and launch her own line, and thus Betina Lou came to life. Established in 2009, Betina Lou takes great pride in their fine fabrics and a fitted silhouette. They are often praised for their "60's style," which some refer to as "secretary chic." 
Yes, please! 

 Since we already have the amazing Naked and Famous for the men in our life, we thought we'd give the ladies a little taste of our northern friend's fashion. It's not just us, either! In a recent New York Times article, Montreal was killin' it all over the "not-for-tourists-tourism" front. Check out the article here where both Betina Lou and Naked and Famous are mentioned!
Montreal, represent. Which reminds me--road trip, anyone?

Just as a sidenote, Betina Lou also has an AMAZING tumblr. I suggest you check it out here for some fashion inspiration.

 Adorable skirt available Old Hollywood Greenpoint

Shirt available at Old Hollywood Greenpoint

More styles to come!