Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Designer: Red Clouds Collective

Alright boys-- (and Tomboys alike).
These guys are coming straight outta Portland.
A brand new line we are excited to welcome to Brooklyn!
Red Clouds Collective is proud to work with an amazing group of artists, photographers and great
friends. They offer insight to the work and lifestyles of the people who inspire them with the Signature Series. 

I love finding new creators and the process of it all.
I discovered these guys from my pal Max Dworkin (who is also a wonderful photographer and shot my last lookbook).  He was carrying this amazing iphone case with this notepad straight stunnin' all over my ridiculous otter box.  I mean, 4 iphones?  It was time for an Otter box.  I had the one with the neon orange side rails, and the camo back.  BUT OH YEAH. Otter box's look absolutely ridiculous and mine was just too intense.  NOT CHULO.  I saw Max's and that was that.  It is durable enough I don't worry about smashing my phone either.  
Turns out the guys who made the damn thing were friends of his and he had just gotten back from Oregon, where he shot their lookbook.
With their denim tall boy koozies, their leather old timer tool rolls, and their super big roll down backpacks, Red Clouds fits in with our men's collections perfectly.
Come grab a tool roll for your Harley or that bag for your camping trip.  Or just grab the world's most baddest most awesome beer koozie and just straight stun all over everybody.
Swag, swag.