Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Broski Bits: 3 Blogs To Make You Fly

I'll be real with you dudes: I spend a lot of time on the internet, probably too much time to be honest. But I really get a kick out of surfing the web and finding new sites like the 3 I'm about to share with you. These are some really dope blogs that'll get your wardrobe poppin' and make everyone's teeth sweat. I do it on the daily, even when some of these only update every week or so.

Yeah, maybe the whole street style thing has already been done, but this guy (or girl, I really don't know who runs it) consistently takes good photos. Although new posts are few and far between, each posting consists of anywhere from 10-20 pictures centered around a thematic element that ties all the clothing together. It sounds like it could get cheesy, but it doesn't.

This street photographer also happens to be a contributor to one of my favorite menswear blogs. He takes interesting photos and is really good about switching up his portraiture, unafraid to stick to one look or type. Sure, most of the looks tend to lead towards general hipness, but Jerome just has a knack for spotting a good getup.

84/85 can be a bit metal for me sometimes, given that the 2 dudes who run this blog out of 
Canada have a self-proclaimed MO of "clothing, velo, motorcycles, art, music, photography, etc. high taste and low livin’. doing things," but isn't that what life should be about anyways? It's good for the adventurer in all of us.