Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broski Bits: Animals Need Clothes Too

Am I the only one who watched the Disney version of The Wind in the Willows growing up? If so, I apologize...FOR ALL THE AWESOMENESS YOU MISSED!!! I mean really dudes: badgers in bowlers? Need I say more.

Perhaps it was some residual feelings from my childhood memory of watching this VHS till the tape broke that drew me to Ryan Berkeley's illustrations at Renegade Craft Fair a few weekends ago. There's something very whimsical about these paintings, but I'm also pretty sure that these damn animals are dressed better than of us ever will be. Another thing I really loved about these prints is how Berkeley has painstakingly depicted each animal in suiting that represents a very specific time period within the last 2 centuries (or so) of menswear. So take note from Mr. Chimpanzee; this is how you look sharp.

For more of Berkeley's illustrations, go here.