Thursday, July 26, 2012

East Village Mosaic Man

While taking a stroll through the streets of the East Village you may have encountered a beautifully decorated light post. Being a  New York native I've watched these mosaics pop up all around the city, my favorite one is right by the Cube (this also happens to be the first one). Up until a few years ago I never knew who was behind them until one day I saw the remarkable man behind them beginning a new one. Jim Power is the creative force behind the Mosaic Trail and he's been making public mosaics in NYC since before I was born.

 It began in the late 80's when Powers sought to create 80 mosaics that would mark neighborhoods boundaries and specific sites / events. Jim's efforts haven't always been successful, he spent some years sleeping in the streets as his health declined but he's back on his feet and living in Brooklyn now. During Giuliani's run in the 1990's as part of his anti-graffiti program a large majority of Jim's work was destroyed of his 80 mosaics 50 were destroyed. Powers is looking to restore his 50 lost mosaics, make them official landmarks and eventually give guided tours that will enhance the life of these pieces. The video below is a tribute from Etsy chronicling some of Mosaic Man's amazing life journey thus far. Enjoy!