Thursday, August 9, 2012

Arrested Development - In Development Finally

Arguably one of the best shows EVER, PERIOD. If you haven't indulged in the insanely hilarious world of the Bluth family stop reading this right now and go watch it. Due to poor ratings in the third season of the show which was broadcast on Fox (Fall 2006) it was cancelled.
Fret not though, Netflix has picked up Arrested Development for a fourth season. Consisting of ten episodes one for each member of the Bluth family. The season will kick off with Buster, I still laugh to the point of tears when I think of Buster coming home after his seal attack. This fourth season will then segway (Oh Gob!) into the major motion picture directed by Mitchell Hurwitz. For now enjoy this latest photo of Tobais F√ľnke being a ghost, grimace, Hersey Kiss, or maybe he finally got a spot in Blue Man Group - their human wash up towel? 

P.S. Nick check out his socks! lol