Thursday, August 16, 2012

Digby & Iona

Aaron Ruff

I'm just going to come right out and type it, Digby & Iona is my favorite line that we carry. All the way, way back to when I first joined the team at Old Hollywood Aaron Ruff's pieces have always intrigued and inspired my imagination. It's not just the way he is able to compose a perfectly balanced piece but the craftsmanship of each piece Aaron produces is truly a sophisticated work of art. Sculptural and ever romantically detailed his work really speaks to my illustrative eye.  It is this quality of two dimensional graphic work coming alive in three dimensions melded with Aaron's passion for history and a touch of nostalgic romance that captures me. Each collection Aaron has released is rooted in lesser known historical moments (War of 1812), courageous individuals (Francesco Petrarca, heart signet ring), and the natural world (Fight or Flight) that surrounds us. Aaron just did this great studio interview with another of my favorite blogs Design Sponge. Diving right into it Aaron opened up his studio (complete with a little window garden!) to give Ginny a look at what he keeps close at hand in his toolbox. If your curious about stalking learning more about Aaron he also runs a well curated blog (Grit + Steel) of interesting artifacts that will leave you searching your local vintage shop for that piece you didn't even know existed but would look great in your space. 

workbench close-up

inspiration board

tool box #1

tool box #2

window garden