Friday, August 31, 2012

Get out and about

Don't get me wrong, Brooklyn will always be my jam, but sometimes it's nice to get out and about this vast city of ours and explore some new neighborhoods. Luckily we have a second store in the Lower East Side that forces me out of Greenpoint like a skydiver leaping from the safety of a moving plane. Everything in your body tells you not to do it, but once you're out you kind of like it. So I figured I'd take some time to let you in on some pretty rad things I've stumbled upon near the 250 Broome St. store lately.

Firstly, as I closed up shop one Friday night and began to walk to the Essex St. J, I looked over across a parking lot and noticed a play happening in the parking lot, with a full audience of people. Yes, just in the parking lot. So, I asked a bystander near the entrance what was happening and he told me "Oh, it's Shakespeare in the Parking Lot." Nevermind that I could have put that together myself, I was intrigued.  Sure enough, Shakespeare in the Parking Lot takes place Thursday-Saturday at 8PM at the corner of Ludlow and Broome and is completely free. From August 2-18 "Coriolanus" has been re-envisioned as a modern day "election fable".

Working in the Lower East Side has also brought me to the realization that yes, there really is a God. How do you know you may ask. Well because we close up shop at 8pm on Fridays, just in time for me to hop across the street to The Ten Bells at 247 Broome and grab $1 oyster happy hour. Every week the have different oysters to try from the East and West Coasts and let me tell you, nothing makes me feel like a real city slicker like seafood,wine and cheese. Yes, a well rounded selection of cheese which changes everyday.

My final Lower East Side discovery began in a rather unfortunate way with me stepping in fresh gum on my way out of Duane Reade. I scraped my shoe clean and started the trek back to the store when suddenly my steps began to feel hindered, I looked down to discover that a flyer was now attached to my heel. Blood rushed to my head in a mixture of anger and embarrassment. As I pulled the paper from my shoe I met a pleasant surprise. An advertisement for a new exhibit at the Clemente Solo Velez Cultural Center called "Worth Telling".  The Cultural Center's website describes it as "18 writers were asked to share 100-word passages to which 18 visual artists responded. Visitors are invited to guess which artist’s work was inspired by which passage. Worth Telling investigates the urge to share stories through an exhibition of all-new visual art. The pairings are not at first revealed; rather, viewers are encouraged to make connections between the written and visual works. Viewers are given the writings and scorecards to indicate which written and visual works they believe go together. Visitors will also be invited to share what they think makes a story worth telling in their choice of pencil on paper, email, or video." The Center, located at 107 Suffolk St, celebrated Puerto Rican and Latino artists.

And don't forget to stop into the shop at 250 Broome St. to stock up on some of your favorites that are no longer available at the Greenpoint store; Heart in hand bottle openers, saloon tokens and a huge SALE jewelry section.