Friday, August 10, 2012

Girls Will Be Boys

It isn't fall yet, in case you were wondering, but we can all dream. Soon New York will be a cool wintry land where no one sweats and everyone's hair and make up stays beautiful and on their face. I'm already starting to piece together my new look (my rebirth) for Fall in anticipation. Everything in me points to a mix between a sassy librarian and a tomboy discovering boat shoes for the first time. Much like Cybil Shepard (pictured above) I believe in the power of menswear on the female form.

I'm a big fan of menswear because it is often all about excellent tailoring and clean, simple lines. Mix that with some full curls and red lipstick and you have a whole mess of beauty that highlights the subtle elegance in each sex. A "man's woman," if you will. Or rather, a gentleman's lady. A lady who's eyebrows say "I can't be tamed" in the best way possible. A lady of leisure, who wears hiking boots.We're just talking some classic, low maintenance fashion with great hair.
And a lot of denim. I'm really feeling Canadian tuxedos for fall. 

Yes! A denim button down and a knit sweater. I love it, I want more of it. I like to do a spiky earring, so no one can nuzzle my ears unbeknownst to me. This goes over well with friends and lovers alike.

Prints on prints on prints! A great collared shirt blazer combo right here.

Look at that denim on denim at the top. Its an endless sea of magical denim. Get it, girls.

I know that you are probably saying to yourself "But how will I work my lace minidress into this equation?" Listen, calm down. You can do whatever the hell you want, you are a grown woman and we are only 12 years into our new century. I'm just saying I like a smartly dressed woman with a nice pair of leather shoes and a button-down. But I understand--we are women and we get to wear beautiful dresses and drip jewelry and clomp around in heels and I appreciate that as well. Here are some options I am way into for dresses (and the sassy librarian part I was talking about.)

TRICKED YOU! This isn't a dress at all! This is just the best combination of things in the world! All black, a pencil skirt, some sheer fabric, dots or texture or something. The end.

These last two dresses are my favorite. Classy, understated, with little details (collar, bow). No matter that I wold wear some big glasses and loafers with them to play up that librarian vibe. These dresses can't be ruined. 

So that's it, there are my plans. Denim on denim, menswear, and a couple librarian dresses. Bring it on, fall. 

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