Monday, August 20, 2012

Help rebuild the Wardenclyffe Tower

Calling all of Old Hollywoods geeky ladies & fellas, I have the opportunity of a lifetime here to do something really amazing. New York is home to many famous and forgotten treasures of the thousands of possible things you could donate a little something to consider this one. Saving Nikola Tesla's laboratory kown as Wardernclyffe Tower located in Shoreham, NY. Why? It was originally built to provide wireless energy for THE ENTIRE EARTH for free. Tesla's funding was cut short in 1917 (when his financial backer realized that there would be no way to regulate the energy and therefore he wouldn't make any profit, not omg I'll be doing something amazing for humankind) and the tower was demolished and sold to a photographic film manufacturer. It has just recently gone back on the market and is up for grabs at a cool $1.7 million.  Here's where we come in a non-profit organization is trying to raise the funds to purchase the property and turn it into the first U.S. Nikola Tesla museum. New York State has offered a grant to the non-profit of $850K if they can match that back with donations. As with all good things another bidder is lurking out there who wants to turn the land into another retail establishment - if they are outbid the land will be permanently protected as a historical landmark and become the Nikola Tesla Science Center! Matthew Inman who runs the hilarious site The Oatmeal is one of the main driving forces behind this move to save Tesla's laboratory, he's offering some pretty rad things in return for donating. Also as usual he's drawn a hilarious strip to go along with this cause. 

You can donate by clicking here as of today we have 41 days left and are at $723,911. 

If you have no idea who Nikola Tesla is shame on you.  Go read this comic from The Oatmeal

Wardenclyffe Tower

Partially Demolished Tower