Sunday, August 26, 2012

Inspired: Mikinora Jewelry

Welcome our newest designer Mikinora to the Old Hollywood family! Born in Japan's fifth largest city Kobe has one busiest seaports on the planet, Mikinora is no stranger to travel in fact you can say it's one of her many hobbies. Currently she calls the city of Florence home, working out of her studio this self-taught smith is creating breathtaking simple geometric pieces that easily elevate any outfit. As if managing your own company wasn't difficult enough teaching yourself how to produce high quality jewelry is another beast altogether. Mikinora has adapted the laid back life that Florence oozes and she's not shy when it comes to learning new skills, tips, or tricks from craftsmen she's met along the way. With her line now up and running successfully for two years we welcome her effortlessly chic geometric designs to our ever expanding Old Hollywood family. 

Ribbed Cuff, Cone Earrings, Faceted Necklace, & Octahedron Earrings