Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just for you

What could all these celebs possibly have in common?


Are you guessing?

Besides great skin and loads of money...

Keep guessing...

Ok this is taking too long,


Michelle Obama Size 11.5
Cindy Crawford Size 10.5
Oprah Size 11
Mandy Moore Size 10
Mischa Barton Size 9
Meg Ryan Size 11.5
and Elle McPherson takes first prize with a Size 12 foot!

Women with big feet have long lived in the shadows, hiding their glorious extremities from the public. Feeling unjustifiable ashamed and afraid of being discovered. Today I say NO MORE!
Let those toes free (unless they are webbed toes in which case please put your shoes back on you FREAK) let those paws see the light of day! Be proud of your greater than average sized heels, when you say "I'm going to put my foot up your rear", you better believe it means something!
To celebrate you today we have put these wicked FREEBIRD Size 10 leather boots on sale 60% off.

 Originally $254 now $102 
Waiting for you on Franklin St.