Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lobsters and Diamonds

We just got in another brand new designer named Wings! Wings is a handmade jewelry line from Maui and their line is an effortless mix between classic and whimsical. We just got our craws on their new earrings and rings (which are crazy comfy by the way, probably because of the rounded design), which are already flying (pun five). Here's a little sampling. 

 Adorable lobster studs available in silver or gold $80

Quartz and Herkimer studs wrapped in gold or silver! 

Is it just me or does the whole "Lobster and Diamonds" pairing sound like the best thing in the world? I've always wanted someone to give me a bagful of diamonds topped with a cooked lobster. I might just have to buy myself a diamond ring and head over to The Lobster Joint after this (or Red Lobster, if I'm feeling especially pretty). 

Here's where The Lobster Joint is located if you want to steal that idea I just had above for proposing to myself. Diamonds + Lobster = Easy Peezy Lemon Squeezy