Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Arrivals for the Fellas

 Fall is going to be the biggest season thus far for men at OH. 
The introduction of our men's department started last winter, and now has blossomed into a lovely collection of classic, work-wear inspired goods.  To us, menswear should be man-ly but well tailored, and if we do something trend based, we like it to be as close to the original inspiration the trend was fashioned after.  Men don't shop like women do, we know that.  So we strive to find pieces that will last a lifetime and never go out of style. We like our canvas thick and oiled, our denim to be selvage or US made, leather trims, holsters, suspenders, tool rolls, pendleton, bow ties, and koozies.

 Come on in to get a taste for what's to come this season for all the fellas of Brooklyn.

 Naked & Famous is my all time favorite brand for men and for good reason.  They know their jeans, and they know their tailoring.  Their shirts are made in the oldest existing shirt factory in North America and are tailored beautifully.  We just got in this sort of denim colored one with a blue plaid lining, a quilted one with thick soft wool lining, and the classic slim shirt for fall with a sweet little print on it. TRUST ME GUYS.  Once you own one of these, there is no turning back to the cheap un-flattering looks you find most places.

I love jeans that stand up on their own.  
I don't think jeans are man-ly enough if they don't.
Just sayin'.
These are slightly lighter weight, so slightly lighter on your wallet at $140.

 We are stocking a bit of KEDS this season, they have been killing it this year and their price point is really great.  I think it is important to remember this brand, we have all been wearing since we were in elementary school.  And not to forget, have been around since 1916.  It's nice to see boys wearing something other than VANS sneakers.  [we love vans, don't get us wrong, it's just that seriously you ALL wear them]
Chuk: $74, Sneaks: $64
 Eastland of Maine will be in the men's department.  These guys have been around since 1955 and since I am obsessed with Maine, I thought it only appropriate to round out the look for fall with a pair of these classic work boots.  $225.