Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Arrivals for the Gals

My favorite season is upon us.  That means we get to layer up and wear all kinds of fun things.
We are gonna keep the shop well stocked with fun adornments to last you a lifetime and keep you feeling your best as we say goodbye to summer, and HELLO to fall!

This Fall, KEDS is launching their very FIRST clothing line.  It is geared for boutiques and OH has been chosen as one of a handful of shops to carry the new stuff in its induction.  We can't wait for the dresses to start flooding in, I am telling you this stuff is adorable.  Very playful and preppy.  
Check out the silk clock blouse with wood grain collar, the thick mint green cozy wool skirt, and who could deny the cropped Varsity sweater?  
 We are happy to have Harlow in Chains back after a long 2 year hiatis. 
We have stocked some lovely feather hair combs, and of course all of her gorgeously re-worked vintage bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.  Keep your eyes on the blog for a more in depth post on all that good stuff. 

 We have two styles of this best selling bag---beautifully woven and trimmed in leather.
The perfect pop of pattern and color to throw with your other patterns this fall.  Remember how I love to mix patterns?  Well, I still do, don't worry.  
My favorite new sweater line to the shop , Lia Molly has created my all time favorite sweater right here below.  Gorgeous weave, wallpaper style, asymmetrical.  Gorgeous piece for any closet that will last your entire life.
 New leather bracelets from Thread Supply have just arrived in an array of lovely fall colors.

We also have these classic throw-backs in stock from Eastland and an entire new supply of our best selling skinny second skin type jean from iT! ($80) and an incredibly rich olive green super snug and skinny cord.  [available in chocolate brown in our LES shop] $88

 [sampling of new Harlow in Chains Bracelet goodies]

 kerisma is killing me with this reversible sweater made of the softest angora and cashmere blends.
people couldn't resist as I was unpacking this box.  Hello Mr. Cosby, oversized cozy touch this sweater time.

 Hope you can all make it out at some point this week, or weekend.  
It's seriously only up, up, up from here!
See you soon!