Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Designer Saint Claude

Saint Claude started as a small local feather earring and upcycled fabric knitwear brand in New Orleans, Louisiana. Sarah Killen is the brains behind this smaller custom feather + fabric business. I'm pleased to announce with the addition of the very talented Tim Lacrosse they have now expanded into precious metal work. The two locals are neighbors with a common interest in craftsmanship and home town pride. You will see many icons of New Orleans woven into everything the duo does, the collections never seem to go too commercial with their choice of icons - as seen in the Washington Sweetheart pendant which reflects the bullet shells that used to riddle this stretch of block in New Orleans. The Big Daddy Claw is another favorite of mine, being a seafood lover and a staple of any New Orleans visit. I'll leave you with one of Tim's favorite quotes about his hometown

 "We dance when there is no music. We drink at funerals. We talk too much & live too large &, frankly, we're suspicious of others who don't."

The Washington Sweetheart Pendant 

Craw Daddy Necklaces