Thursday, August 23, 2012

Typewriters: Let's Bring Them Back!

Ever since I was very small I've always been a tinkerer, preferring to take objects apart, study them, and attempt to put them back together. The last bit sometimes unsuccessfully but it kept my mind and hands busy and drove my mother crazy. Recently I converted my basement into a studio and in the process of clearing out 60+ years of stuff I found some real gems from my great great grandparents who owned the property before me (they purchased the brownstone in Brooklyn around 1904, oh yeah guys I'm really from Brooklyn Whoop Whoop!). One of these things was a typewriter in near pristine condition, guys I have to tell you I was fascinated with this typewriter the second I laid eyes on her. The magnificently satisfying sounds of the keys clack, clack, clacking away the delicate and sometimes oh so frustrating at times two color ribbon placement, the impressions from each letter laid on a fresh piece of blank paper. Really it's amazing, if you've never had a chance to actually type something on a typewriter I highly recommend it, it's very gratifying. To inspire you I've put together this collection of impressively beautiful typewriters, my favorite is the Hansen Writing Ball. To check out more amazing typewriters vista the Virtual Typewriter Museum website here

Hammond 1880 love the smiley face! 

Underwood No.5 1900

Hansen Writing Ball 1865

Lettra 10 1980's

Olivetti Valentine 1970

Royal Standard No. 5 1911
Oliver No. 9 1915