Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vanessa Lianne

We carry so many talented and diverse designers It's difficult to choose just one to write about. Today I want to catch you guys up with my favorite Canadian transplant Vanessa Lianne. Her line boasts 'Rustic Elegance' but looking deeper into her complex weave of metalwork with its carefree contour lines that balance each piece you begin to reverberate and harmonize as the principals of the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi begin to shine through. The organic forms that present themselves in Vanessa's work are reflective of her surroundings growing up in one of the most beautifully diverse regions on the planet Vancouver, BC. She has extracted the natural forms that nature presents, the delicate curve of a tree branch, hollows and curves inside a geode, the multi-layers of moss covering river smoothed rocks, taming this chorus of the diverse into an object for us to behold. Vanessa like many others who find pleasure in working with their hands are at peace when in the studio, this environment I believe allows a piece of that energy to be captured inside the vessel, in this case metal. These energies resonate inside Vanessa's pieces empowering the wearer to feel confident, fashionable, and original. Aside from being hand forged many of the metals that Vanessa works with are recycled or ethically sourced whenever possible. 
Camille Stacking Rings, Ora Necklace, Ora Ring, Camille Studs, and Diamond Bubble Ring

Fiona Ring, Ora Necklace, Cia Studs

Stackable Rings