Friday, September 28, 2012

We've got Vegan shoes Too!

Jeremy Bassan, a French-American dual citizen, between high school and college took a year off to travel the world, but little did he know that his one-way ticket to Thailand would result in the launch of a truly unique and environmentally conscious handbag and footwear line called Big Buddha, eventually  popping onto the pages of Women's Wear Daily, In Style and Cosmopolitan.
Inspired by the textiles and craftsmanship he found in Asia, Bassan returned to the US to begin designing the collection that he would later call Big Buddha, causing quite the commotion as he began shipping a noticeably large number of packages from his college dorm room. Big Buddha shoes are a reflection of Jeremy himself, a recent transplant to New York City from California and now 27 years old, Bassan hopes that his shoes' comfortable practicality combined with funky patterns and vegan textiles will bring you "inner peace".

Wendy Boot $60

Rilo Oxfords $50