Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Moss Mills Belts


I've been rocking Moss for years, Happy to finally have him represented nicely in the shop. Moss and Hae are special people. These are the kinda belts that it doesn't matter how many you belts you have, these are just SUPER SPECIAL, and you need these.
Leather adjustable belts, beautiful brass buckles.

about moss - designer
Moss comes from a fourth generation retail background and grew up traveling the west, living in old ghost towns and camping amongst herds of deer. It is from these humble beginnings that he developed a love for animals, nature and the vintage aesthetic which he brings to his designs.

about hae - creative director
Hae grew up under the big blue skies of texas where she once saw a tumble weed the size of a volkswagen. She developed a real sense of what was important to her from a nurturing relationship with her grandmother. She has a very grounded soul and a creative spirit and this is what she brings to the line.