Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Neuw Denim

 The Philosophy

Collect the best jeans fits, fabrics, details and finishes from the past 100 years. Then, with inspiration from traditional denim pattern making and tailoring, re-cut the jeans and re-develop the fabrics to be right for now. Respect the heritage, embrace the future. Traditional attention to details, modern Brand
They call it, Vintage Revision, I call it perfect.

I am happy to introduce Neuw denim to ou.  If you already knew, good for you---but this is news for most of us.  These guys haven't been around that long, and even less time in the USA.  Pretty rad stuff happening here, and I learned all about them because a customer from Australia (and a pal of theirs) was wearing a pair of their jeans.  We have the best customers.  Seriously, you guys have so much style.  

So their philosophy sort of says it all.  
Classic styles revamped in a way that is simple and modern.
Take the Marilyn High Rise.  It is an 11" rise ladies.  For those of you who crave a true high wait, this is the jean for you.
(and check out the cool pattern we have it in---and that's no print guys, it is woven in right with the denim. Splendid.)

 Being that the owner has one of the largest record collections known to man and a love for all things vintage (including motorcycles) we thought it perfectly suiting that he name his jeans after iconic figures, like these here---the Lou Slim named after one of my all time favorites, Lou Reed.
(this jean coming for Men Spring 2013)

We also have some PRETTY amazing things coming in all around from these guys for Spring.  Printed Button-Ups, Jeans and Chinos for the guys, and dresses, high waisted shorts, and skirts for the gals.