Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Music: The Raveonettes

The first time I ever heard The Raveonettes was in college, back when Pretty in Black had just been released. I remember watching my then-boyfriend's roommate painting satanic-looking men and women in different deranged tableaus while "Love in a Trashcan" buzzed on repeat through the speakers. I was infatuated with both the roommate and the song, so they co-mingle in my memory and make me feel youthful longing.
Since then I've tried to see them countless times and failed every single time, so I guess for me The Raveonettes are the band that got away. How romantic. I'm going to wear all black and go ugly cry to the new album now, which is by the way beautiful and matches these fogged out skies. The new album is called Observator. Check it out here.