Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sessún: F/W 2012

I am so excited.  The line I have been anticipating has FINALLY arrived!  
If you know me personally, I have been raving about this stuff since February.  
Now you get to see it!
I feel like this line was personally designed for me.  
Impeccable tailoring and style.
High waist peg pants.  Short skirts. 
Peter pan collars. 
Classic stuff ladies. 
I'm talking stuff you will wear now and forever.  
Well maybe not the short skirts, BUT hopefully!
And everything else, DEFINITELY!
This stuff has come all the way from Paris, so get in here and get your fall wardrobe up to par!
Above: Silk Bunuel Blouse and House Cat Mini Skirt

 Above: Stil peg pant in make-up and Icefall cardigan
 Above: A Lucky Guy Dress in Sunflower
Above: Angelin Cord Mini Skirt in Eldorado (mustard)--also comes in navy.

 Albertus wool peg pant in Queen Green.  Available in Dusty Rose in our LES location.

 Above: My Moon sheer collared shirt in navy, also available in Rose.
 Above: Orso Sweater trimmed wool jacket & Stil peg pants in Make-up.

 Above: Tommaso Collared and trimmed sweater in Navy, also available in Queen Green with Navy trim.
Above: Gilea wool dress in St. Émilion.