Friday, September 7, 2012

Women with Moxie: Kathleen Hanna

Pushing Lipstick by Laurie Simmons

Apparently these modern days are trying times for women. Our uteruses' (uteri?) belong to the whole wide world. Sometimes we're pregnant 2 weeks before we knock boots.  Plus now our bodies are supposed to shut down "legitimate rape" which is phrase I can't wait to never hear again.

Well. What a bummer for us all. This current climate begs the question--"If more and more of us are going to college and climbing in the work place, shouldn't you be trying to get on our good side, other humans?" Couldn't this, I don't know, backfire on you guys? Oh and ladies supporting someone else's right to choose what happens to our bodies--you're the worst. I'm sending you all personalized cards made out of doilies with "WORST WOMEN EVER" stitched on them. I am nothing if not polite.

Anyway the point of this whole little rage fest is--Ladies, you're great. You've done so many things. You're doing so many more. Everyone makes mistakes and I didn't say all the things were positive, did I? But you'll learn from them and it'll be great and maybe one day you'll publish a novel or make some drawings of people off craigslist or have a kid (or two! go nuts!) because THOSE ARE ALL AWESOME THINGS, LADIES, AND I'M PROUD OF YOU.

So here is a new post about ladies with moxie. Just to remind you of everything women can do (good and bad, cause no one's perfect) and did and will do and are doing as you scroll through this. 

No one named after a Mitten is going to tell me what to do with my life.*

*this post expresses the author's view alone, because this is a free country and y'all can think whatever you want


The original riot grrrl and total babe of Bikini Kill and Le Tigre fame. Fun fact? Hanna came up with Nirvana's album name "Smells Like Teen Spirit" unintentionally when she was mocking Kurt Cobain's deodorant. Later, in an unrelated incident at Lollopalooza, Courtney Love would punch her in the face.