Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween DIY Decorations

Halloween has long been my favorite holiday more so even than dressing up for it do I absolutely love making my own decorations. Transforming my seemingly normal apartment into all things creepy without the drab store bought decorations is a challenge I welcome every year. My creations have gotten somewhat more elaborate with each year but pressed for time this year  I've rounded up some of my favorites that are not only easy but real time savers as well. 

Don't have time to carve the pumpkin this year but don't want to buy a fake one either? I've got three really simple and fast solutions 
Take a simple piece of lace or a stocking wrap your pumpkin in it and volia! 

Look at these adorable sunflower seed owl pumpkins! You could carve the eyes and little beak if you wanted or just cut and paste the simple shapes right on to your pumpkin. 

This one however is my favorite - two ways to approach this one and both begin with a printout of a silhouette. Cut out your silhouette and paste it right on with some glue or create a stencil with your silhouette (I would use a piece of cardboard and an x-acto) and paint it on. Same goes for the oval around it using either of the above mentioned methods. 

Mason jars are amazing, if you've visited either of our locations you will notice we have made chandeliers out of these beauties. For halloween however you can make them your own mad scientist looking experiments. Muahahahh! 

For these all you need is cheese-cloth or some gauze and a couple of spider placed inside. You could also fit some rubber bats, rats, and maybe even a bloody hand or two. 

Got some weeds growing in your yard? They look amazing in a jar filled with water and a couple drops of food coloring. Let them dry out for a day or so after picking, then toss them in and laugh manically. 

These guys are so cute and simple here's what you need:
Wedding paper bells from a party store, black paper, and tulle. Cut out the shapes for the face paste them on and throw the tulle over - might not want to leave them on the floor if you have a pet.

Same idea here for the pumpkins minus the tulle. 

Hope these help to make your halloween decor a bit more fun and personal this year!