Monday, October 8, 2012

Naked and Famous: For the Win

Naked and Famous founder Brandon Svarc recently gave an amazingly informative interview for Hypebeast about his entire jean philosophy, which is basically "screw celebrities, I'm a badass who likes nice things." Add some Japanese raw denim and Canadian manufacturing and you get a line of beautifully crafted men's clothes that are insanely flattering and most importantly--made with deliberate care. 

I really can't do the interview justice, so I'll let Svarc speak for himself. He has some wonderful tips on denim care and the N+F, and details the process of creating the line.  I do like that even though he hates distressed jeans, he'll still be friends with people that wear them, and he doesn't give away jeans to Beiber. Beiber doesn't need free jeans! The beebz is a swaggy adult! He has a sassy latina with a huge head at home! He can pay for his own pants, dammit! 

Look at these jeans! They stand by themselves!

To summarize off that Beiber tangent--buying Naked and Famous is about gracefully entering into adulthood by dressing simply and dressing well. The art of a "luxury basic" is lost on most people. The approach that Svarc takes of "constructing" rather than "embellishing," of letting a product's integrity and authenticity set it apart from the rest rather than hype--these are concepts we understand as we mature. We start digging our wrinkles and taking pleasure in things that will evolve with us, as lasting fixtures in our lives. Out with the fads of youth. Fads are like that babe at the party you really want to date until you find out it went to babe jail once for a skateboarding fine. RUN AWAY FROM THAT FAD! It will NOT buy you dinner and more importantly--it will not break in with you as you wear it, creating something unique between the fabric of the denim and the fabric of your body

If I'm not selling you with these metaphors I don't know what will. You have to feel them to believe them, so come try our Naked and Famous picks in Greenpoint and get yourself something that will last. 

You deserve it, and we think you look damn good.