Thursday, November 8, 2012

Winter Wardrobe Obsessions: The Long Skirt

Winter is definitely on it's way here (especially if your out here on the East coast) and if I'm expecting any winter trend on my morning commute right now it's the tights, shorts, & boots combo. I rocked this look all last winter and thought it was one of the most comfortable outfits I've ever assembled. However this winter I'm looking for something as comfortable but more sophisticated, I've fallen for long skirts. It didn't occur to me that long skirts would translate so well into wintery weather. So, I did what anyone looking for something to go with that piece sitting in your closet - went on Google and searched for long skirts to get some ideas on what would pair well with my personal style. True to the tomboy aesthetic I was already thinking of my harness style boots under the skirt, long sweater,  button up sticking out under, divided by a nice belt and leather jacket. Here are some of my favorite examples from around the web. I hope this inspires you to leave the little shorts and leggings home for a long skirt  with your favorite pair of leggings under! I also want to note if you are shorter and feel weird about longer skirts (my sister is 5' 3") go with a skirt that stops about mid way from your ankle to knee, this will give you the chance to show off your boots, funky leggings, or those awesome cashmere socks.