Thursday, December 6, 2012

• Darcy's Holiday Picks •

Being surrounded by so many beautiful objects makes picking out a short holiday list complicated to say the least. After hours of meticulously trying to choose just a few of my favorite items I was able to narrow it down to these five for my 2012 holiday list.

Every woman deserves a simple and elegant diamond ring. Kaoru's intimate craftsmanship & quality never ceases to astound me. It's the perfect understated ring delicately hand carved braiding wraps around your finger with a very sweet diamond in the center. Perfect for stacking with other simple bands, I hope to be adding this to my ever growing stacking collection soon.  

Quartz has a long and majestic history of being used as a healing stone but also as a stone that posses the abilities to open up your mind to the spiritual plane. Groovy. Rustic looking but not aggressive and dagger like is what I love most about this piece. It's a rather large piece for me as a usually wear simple small things layered up however I've found that having some large statement pieces in your wardrobe isn't such a bad thing. 

Iv'e always been intrigued by tarot cards and secretly wanted a deck for quite some time now. Kim Krans has answered a lot of folks wildest dream a tarot deck that is truly unique, beautiful, and speaks to those of us with wild hearts and ambitions. I would also suggest the tarot guide book if (like me) you have never read cards before. 

These hankies are awesome! So soft to the touch 100% cotton and three really sweet designs to choose from (wild beasts, pattern, and a type treatment). I like to use them as neckerchiefs for when it's not too chilly but I need a little something extra to keep me warm, it works I swear! 

Items with historical backgrounds have a way of really peeking my interests. At first glance the sacred temple cuff would go along really well with my other arm candy but it's really the story behind it that made me fall in love. Based off of the ancient Borobudur Temple in Indonesia that was abandoned in the early 14th century and wasn't rediscovered until 1814!