Friday, December 7, 2012

Neen's Holiday Gift Picks

I've been called the Queen of Christmas, because I am one of those people who starts planning gifts in October and just has to have the perfect thing for everyone. I obsess about it, dream about it, research and create intense lists. There's something about gift giving that just warms me up to the top, so here is a list of my top gift picks this season.

For the Outdoorsy type:
Pendleton Elbow Wool Plaid Shirt $115

For the Funny One: 
Ozone Gun Socks $24

For Someone Fancy:
Two's Company Royal Boxes $50-$62

For the Crafty Type:
Roost Feather Ornaments $30-$60

For the drunk:
Spritfire Girl Flasks $28

For the Tech Geek:
Will Leather Goods Ipad Cases $150

The Free Spirit
Wild Unknown Tarot Cards $44 (plus manual $22)