Friday, December 14, 2012

New Designer: Monserat de Lucca

L.A. based designer, Monserat de Lucca, creates edgy, eye-catching, detailed jewelry unlike anything else out there. Pure brass, these pieces come to you with a beautiful golden glow that can be maintained by polishing. Or, by letting them oxidize over time to a beautiful brown hue, you can make each peace uniquely your own.
We are so excited to have these amazing new pieces in the shops!

                                 Dice Necklace $60           Paper Crane Earrings $48 

                Skull Ring w/ Brain Necklace $120      Pills Necklace $80

                                Lighter Ring $60                Saw Bracelet $60

                             Slot Machine Ring $80        Paper Cranes Necklace $80

                           Aeroplane Necklace $108           Faucet Bangle $70