Thursday, January 10, 2013

Japanese Selvedge Denim 50% off Friday-Sunday ONLY

 Seriously, this is only happening because Bahzad from Naked & Famous just emailed me telling me that like 6 new styles of jeans were ready to ship.  I'm all, "Stop the bus!"  I ain't ready!
So, this means big savings in store this weekend.
We are marking all our Selvedge denim at 50% off, including our best selling Left Hand Twill that I had stashed in the back during the sale.  It now comes out. 
 Above: Slim leg and slim stretch from The Stronghold.

 Above: Left Hand Twill from Naked & Famous in Weird Guy

Above: Selvedge Duck Chino in Weird Guy from Naked and Famous.  

This sale ends Sunday.