Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Town That Spent 25 Years Underwater

That's right a real life Atlantis happened to a once thriving tourist town set to the south of Buenos Aries. Villa Epecuen was established in the late 1920's on the banks of a salt lake,  in it's heyday it was home to over 5,000 residents. However in 1985 the dam burst and consumed the town in 33 feet of salt water! Residents hoping the water would recede waited on rooftops, but within two days it was clear that the water wasn't going anywhere rendering it a ghost town. In 2009 when the water levels finally began to recede what emerged was an apocalyptic world. Astoundingly one lone man remained in this desolate place, Pablo Novak has lived in a stone hut with a fridge and basic cooker since his hometown was swallowed up 27 years ago. There's no place like home eh? 
Photos by Juan Mabromata