Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Darcy's Valentine's Day Plans 2013

This year I'm breaking up my Valentine's day plans into two parts. One traditional dinner and a movie date and the other being a Valentine's party on a boat! Put together by friends from the Swimming Cities Collective. We will be starting our night off at Watty & Meg in Carroll Gardens one of my favorite eats in Brooklyn. With vintage church pews and a live jazz band the atmosphere here is perfect for you and your sweetheart. I'm already watering over the v-day menu mango and sake glazed black bass, nom nom nom! After a lovely dinner I've been excitedly anticipating the new Die Hard series so naturally that's my movie choice for this valentine's not really the most romantic film but to each her own. My Valentine's part deux will commence on the infamous Queen of Hearts boat for a dance party like no other. The festivities begin at midnight sharp on Saturday the 16th, costumes are as with any Swimming Cities event encouraged Proceeds from all tickets will go to rebuilding Boatel in Queens, more info here.  Here's the set list for the night below.

THE PENDULUM SWINGS 10-piece swing band featuring Jason Trachtenburg

$MALL ¢HANGEfunky vinyl addict, WFMU/Rubulad

2MELO trans-global ghetto bass, Cumba Mela/No Man's Land

JORO BORO balkan-infused mashup, Black Rock City

TINSELTOWN foreign language hip hop, insipid love song