Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DEUS! A Culture for Creativity

In 2006 Australian company Deus started producing custom made motorcycles but also created a lifestyle.  The company rapidly expanded when they adding their own coffee shop and custom made surfboards. Artists from all over were fleeting to the Sydney headquarters to hang their art in the motorcycle showroom. The headquarters then became a place for people to conjugate and hang out. All passions were welcome and contributed to a new society of living. This lifestyle fully formed when passionate people started using their talents to benefit themselves and others around them. Whether it is food, art, sports, or fashion- All are welcome!

 Deus then moved forward by adding locations in Indonesia and America.  The location in Bali is know as the "Temple of Enthusiasm."  It is the place to go if you never want to go home; it can be your new home.  The Temple has so much to offer that you may never want to leave.  There are many ways for everyone to contribute to the temple.  You can build a surfboard, brew coffee, put on a photo shoot, make art for their art gallery, screen print a t-shift, skateboard, make hand crafted cocktails, make sushi or Thai food fusion, and of course build a motorcycle. The possibilities to create are endless.  Deus has started a community for a peaceful, artistic and beautiful life.  Anything and everything is welcome.  Ride with the wind in your hair and use caffeine as gasoline. 


Here is a video to show the "Temple Of Enthusiasm"