Tuesday, February 5, 2013

For Your Ears: My Bloody Valentine
It only took 20 years and ALL the rumors in the world (take that Fleetwood Mac) but My Bloody Valentine has finally released their follow-up to 1991's shoegaze masterpiece, Loveless. Love isn't dead, people, sometimes it just takes 20 whole years and a rejected "jungle music" album to reveal itself. Tracks like "New You" are beautiful, with light vocals and fuzzy guitar. The album, simply titled mbv is available on the ban's website in three formats. Do I smell a vinyl present for the fren/nemesis/former lover/future lover in your life this Valentine's Day? All in all, I have to say this is just what 2013 needed.
Below is a sample track previously mentioned, "new you." The entire album is available on youtube to listen to track by track (the band promptly crashed their site when they let the album stream in full upon release).