Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year NYC!

Happy Chinese New Year NYC! This year is the year of the Snake and Old Hollywood has got you covered for that little bit of reptilian flair you need to celebrate the lunar new year in style. 
Vintage African snake glass strung on leather chord with lobster-clasp closure. These guys look really great together or mixed in with the rest of your arm candy.
A beautifully detailed snake vertebrae necklace that is individually hinged at each vertebrae allowing it to move freely like an actual snake. This piece cannot only be worn as a statement necklace but wrapped around your arm in a truly snake like fashion. 

Oxidized Sterling Silver 2" long. Beautifully hand crafted by Brooklyn artisan Elizabeth Knight these rattlesnake jaw earrings carry a sophistication and dedication to detail that might just make you forget these guys once packed some heavy venom. 

This year there will be two big Lunar New Year events taking place in NYC  

Saturday 16th @ 11AM
Flushing New Year Parade 
Begins on Union Street and 39th Ave in Queens

Sunday 17th @ 1PM
Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade + Festival 
Begins on Mott + Hester Streets in Manhattan 
Be sure to drop by Old Hollywood's Lower East Side location after!