Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Fella: The Highlights!

We just got bombarded with Spring.  I wish I could say the same for the weather!  On a happy note though, I did look at the extended, and Sunday is a high of 54 and the on-ward it stays above 40, and for the most part in the mid 50's!  And the sun is shining!

Point is, I only order small amounts for the store. 
I believe in finding special things, and not seeing other people in them.
So--I have highlighted my favorite items you need to nab NOW, before it is too late!  
Current weather aside!

Greenpoint's Own: General Assembly
These guys have a studio literally a block away.
My personal favorite is the limited edition collaboration they did with neighbors UPSTATE.  These dip dyed oxfords are all one of a kind, and limited edition.  We only have 4 left!
Their spring cardigan is killin' it with the back geometric sorta tribal thing.

 Canadian Brothers: Naked & Famous
 Denim nerds, sneaker enthusiasts, fit gurus, Naked & Famous brings us some pretty sharp stuff this season.  Again, my favorites being the new 10oz lightweight summer approved selvedge (for those of you who aren't really into rocking shorts in the summer, or just need a lightweight pair of jeans) and their slim fit camo oxford.  Their shirts are special because they are made in the oldest existing shirt factory in North America and they fit slim through the body with select darting in the back.  Super flattering, you won't get that billow out the back problem so many shirts have.
And if you like to read all this, and you are a size 33" you are in luck---we have extra stock in the size 33" and you can purchase on-line 30% off.

The Worldly: Burkman Bros.
 Just as it appears, this company is a pair of brothers---Ben & Doug.
They travel the world looking for inspiration, fabrics, other things to sell, like rugs. Shirts come in authentic lightweight madras (hand-loomed in southern India),the finest woven yarns or featherweight chambray, and are cut to compliment the body. Throw on the shorts with their butter-soft oxford linings and you’ll never want to take them off. 
I love the reverse pop tab shirt, it has buttons only 1/4 of the way down with this awesome print [reversed] reminds me of something my dad wore in his hippie days.  Also you can't beat the originality of their shorts, ever.  We have a couple styles.

Outback Bound: Neuw 
Our friends in Australia are basically my favorite clothing company right now.  With their Vintage Revision philosophy, they keep rechurning classic styles from my favorite decades.  These oxfords are inspired from the 1950's and are pretty bad ass.  Currently flying off the racks is the Desert Eagle Shirt made Greaser style, a little boxier --- made with authentic breezy vintage cotton viscose.
For those who enjoy selvedge, you will love the Selvedge Chambray shirt with pocket detailing.  This shirt is also a slimmer fit.

Beach Bums: Deus Ex Machina
Our buddies over at Deus pretty much live the life.  They custom build motorcycles & Surfboards which transcend into their clothing as a full on "all about this life" Brand.
With hubs in Bali, Australia, Indonesia, and California, these guys know what it takes to live good.
They print books, Graphic T's, posters and accessories where you can see some of the incredible bikes they have built----like my favorite the Moulin Rough.  All about Triumph, this company is killer.
And these Hawaiian shorts, homie-PLEASE.  We only have 2 pairs left.  I am trying to order more!

Cause you gotta complete your look to be fully sharp.
We have this incredible new key holder from Raven, it tightens and secures your keys in place, and in my opinion is sexy.  New Braided Ring for men (it's shot on my thumb-it's my manliest appendage) and of course the ever popular horn pocket knife.  All must haves.

 To see all our new arrivals for men, as always just visit the website: