Monday, April 22, 2013

Hunter S. Thompson

Being a brethren of Louisville and an old Pal of my friend's Dad, Hunter S. Thompson has always been someone I admired, not only for his writing, but his sense of style and his belligerent ability to party.

This summer, take some time to really tap into your inner animal with some Hunter inspired looks at Old Hollywood.

First of all, it is all about the ridiculous printed outfits.  We have 2 really good ones. 
This hawaiian fit from Deus and this white printed number from Lifetime Collective.

Top the look off with Airforce style military glasses for $5 at your local Army Navy Shop.  They have yellow lenses too.  And finally, a good cigarette holder.  We have some nice ones.

Other crazy shirts in stock I could definitely envision he would have worn are the General Assembly Upstate Dip Dyed Oxfords and the Desert Eagle from Neuw.
All worthy choices.