Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In case you were wondering how often we get in new stuff----We get bombarded every single day. 
So far this week:

 This week's new arrivals include a nice little taste of Betina Lou with this polo knit (plus a ric rak Dress I haven't had time to photograph yet).
New Sessun hit the racks---including (& not limited to) this Dandy Warhol Confetti dress with gold belt.  I also finally had time to photograph our best selling Daphne dress (marilyn monroe style) and we just got in more sizes!  So if you have been eyeing this dress, please wait no longer!

 Greylin delivered this gorgeous gauzy crinkled cotton embroidered blouse and a really fun stevie nick's style black gypsy dress (only at LES).  Plus we got a bunch of new tea rings in!  And restocked the Lover BK angled tea rings!