Monday, April 29, 2013

Psyche Semantic Collection

I'm sure most of you know that besides being a shopgirl at Old Hollywood I am also a designer of a jewelry line called Psyche which is carried at both stores. I can get a bit shy when it comes to talking about my work in the store so I'm excited to show you guys a few pieces from my new collection called 'Semantic'. The idea for this collection began as I was listening to an audiobook about Greek mythology and it's effects on modern literature. At some point the author mentioned a language called Linear B which I had never heard of and off I went to the NY Public Library to investigate what this language was about. As I began to research, I learned that Linear B was the first known and deciphered form of Greek and was mostly used for trade reasons. Linear B consists of over 200 symbols and took nearly 50 years to decipher. These symbols radically impacted Greek culture at the time because it offered a widely accepted language that began to be learned by many people allowing people of the lower class to rise up as opportunities for trade arose. As I looked at the symbols from the language I was really drawn to the shapes that I saw and decided to interpret them into a modern way for my next collection. The word 'Semantic' is defined as the study of meaning and this is exactly what this collection and my design process is about.