Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Gal: The Highlights

I am SUPER stoked on Spring.
[even though it's not so stoked on me right now]

Thought I would show you some of my favorites.

Sessùn!  One of my all time favorite lines!  Spring & Summer are phenomenal!

Sessùn Daiichi Collared Sweater---we have it in navy with cream collar, peach with coral collar, and a mint with emerald collar.  It's hard to choose.  
Good Luck!

Fun goodies in with tinges of sunshine!
Tea Rings have been restocked in both stores and we have a few new designs!
My favorite springtime piece are these vintage indian pom pom bracelets.  

We have a bunch of glorious maxi dresses in.  Some good floral ones too.
Just got a new batch of these 2--they sold out right away and look so good!

 Still pumped on Lauren Moffatt & the hand knit pieces we have from her.

 Neuw stays destroying my life with the wallpapers in a variety of colors. I had to get every style.
And this amazing jacket by Sessùn.  The pleating on the shoulder and the slim cut of this make it so stunning, soft color, very feminine.

Will Leather backpacks to last your life, and of course---Shoes.

Happy Spring Lovelies!
Can't wait to see you.