Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Antique Rings to Make Your Friends Jealous.

My favorite periods for rings are the Victorian & Edwardian eras. 
Mid to Late 1900's-1910's---some very exquisite things were happening.  Very delicate and feminine settings make all the difference in a ring.  And these guys nailed it.
We are excited to be able to offer a lovely collection of antique rings without the insane price tag.  
I think these guys would make really thoughtful engagement rings, but also just steal any show.
On-line and in our Brooklyn shop you can find these and a few other antique rings to seal the deal.

Edwardian Sterling Silver Filigree; Blue Topaz: $140

Victorian 10k; Amethyst: $280

Edwardian Sterling Silver Filigree Onyx; Paste: $130
(paste: glass which has been cut into gem-like forms. They were used extensively from the 1700s to the early 1900s and were a desired material in themselves, not a replacement for diamonds and gem stones)

Edwardian Sterling Silver Filigree; .25 carat Aqua Marine: $250

Victorian Sterling Silver Hexagon Mount; Aquamarine: $250

Edwardian Sterling Silver Filigree; 2 carat Citrine: $170

Edwardian Sterling Silver Filigree; .5 carat Blue Topaz: $220

 Edwardian Sterling Silver Hexagon Mount; Citrine: $220

And you know what?
You don't need to be engaged to wear these rings, I just think they are a nice alternative to traditional engagement/wedding bands.  They hold a lot of history and are so stunning.
If these weren't ALL seriously the size of my ring finger, I would LOVE to have one on my middle or index finger.  I just have so many rings that fit my ring fingers I can't have another one.
BUT!  If I could have any, my 2 favorites are the 10k Amethyst (le sigh) and the Last Hexagon Citrine Mount.  SWOON!