Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Weddings

It's that time!
When we ask ourselves,
 "when the hell did we all get so old?"
"why the hell is EVERYONE getting married?"
"Wait, whose pregnant?"

But fret not, at least one question can be put to rest:
"what the hell will I wear?"

We just got a bunch of new silky pretty super feminine numbers in from Greylin, Chaser, and Yumi Kim.
[Yumi Kim Hawaiian Jayne Dress ALSO AVAILABLE IN BLACK! $198]

 [Chaser Printed Maxi: $128]

[Yumi Kim Hummingbird Goddess Dress: $198]

 [Greylin Natalie Silk Dress: $128]

 what the hell?
If you boycott the weddings or have none to go too, dress up anyway.  These dresses are super easy, light and breezy for the summer ahead.