Friday, June 7, 2013

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire

I recently read an article in Vice online about The Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Inwindale, CA and it was um... mind opening. Renaissance pleasure faires happen all over the US so if you are into this type of thing, you could probably find one happening near you. When I'd thought of a Renaissance fair I pretty much just thought of people dressed like pirates, doing face painting, card games, and faux sword fighting, but no, I was way off. Apparently Renaissance Faires are more of a no holds barred haven for the sexually adventurous and creative costume maker. If you aren't dressed up at the fair they call you a "mundane", this is a term I think I will start using on the regular actually. As in, "Oh god, did you see her at Trevor's party? Such a MUNDANE." Vice magazine explored many characters which they met at the fair and were introduced to many interesting practices such as calling "Dibs" on someone you want to have sex with and "Jerkin' off" which is a shirtless day (Renaissance vests were called Jerkins). Don't forget this is the PLEASURE faire so there is a lot of fornication happening all over the place.  You can read the full scoop Here, but hey who wouldn't want to hang with the likes of...

Sara and Crystal- just here for the incest.

The Stalker- Here to stalk women and contort his face.

Hot mumbling metal girl: Here to mumble.

And Wheelchair man: He's just here.

The Pleasure Faire comes to NYC Saturdays and Sundays August 3- September 22, get your tickets HERE