Monday, June 24, 2013

Trend: Bolos

BOLOS- They're back. In my mind they never left and as a neck accessory they cannot be matched. As a kid growing up in Missouri, I was definitely an experimenter with fashion and it's true that I often took a look just a bit too far. This was the case with my western wear phase where I was often seen in head to toe denim and rocking one of many bolos that I'd convinced my mom to get me from Silver Dollar City. 

Maybe I went a bit overboard with it but I felt like I looked like such a badass. It's no wonder a bunch of badass celebrities have been seen wearing bolos.
Johnny Depp rocked it:

Bruce Springsteen on the cover of Tunnel of Love:

Even the guy from Two and Half Men when he was young:

But they are not just for boys, chicks are rocking bolos all over the place and here is how they wear them...

We've got a bunch of super rad vintage ones in the shop right now ranging from $20-$50. So get them while they're hot, I plan to rock mine all summer.