Tuesday, July 9, 2013

 We have so much stuff to make your trip to the beach, lake, or campground, that much more epic!

Pendleton Nylon Backed Blankets are crucial for camping, wet ground not an issue! 

The Yakima Camping Blankets also a necessity.  The water proof wool and warmth perfect for around the fire.  

Sun hats, pin-up inspired swimwear, beach bags, swim trunks, board shorts, and Hawaiian garb---all on the racks.

Summer is here, and we couldn't be more ready!

 Fables by Barrie Pin-Up inspired swimwear!  Each piece sold separately so you can build onto something you already own, or mix & match!

Frankie Four Swim Trunks made with vintage fabrics!  All unique!

Pendleton Beach Towels!