Monday, July 15, 2013

The Lost Central Park Plans

In 1857, the design of Central Park was left to a contest that yielded 34 entries. Any New York resident or visitor is (hopefully) familiar with the results of that contest; however, all but five of the contest entries have become casualties of time, only to be left to the imagination.

Two of the five remaining entries are on display at the New York Historical Society. One of these, designed by engineer John Rink, is a strikingly ethereal example of what could have been and absolutely worth a visit.

When rushing through clusters of buildings and navigating the crowds becomes too exhausting, the lush oasis of Central Park is a much needed escape. Next time you're laying on the grass, staring up at the trees, remind yourself of John Rink's design and the 32 others that could have dictated our beloved landscape.

George E. Waring, Jr.'s design, also on display.

[NYHistory via Gizmodo]