Friday, September 20, 2013

New Fall Arrivals for the Weekend!

TONS, I mean TONS of new fall arrivals have just been put out for the weekend.
Burkman Bros. is KILLING it with their bandana and hatchet prints, and Lifetime is cozy as ever with their Hooded Coat (only $100) and their long sleeve knits.
New backpacks and Duffel bags in from Herschel as well!  

For the gals, Sugarhill's Fall has arrived!  Different styles in both stores, all their prints are patented and designed by the owner/designer of Sugarhill so you won't see them anywhere else.  These awesome blouses are only $40-$55.  Tons of their dresses at our Lower East Side shop at 250 Broome.  
More Sessun hit the racks with beautiful blues and olives.  Chunky sweaters and booties (only $64!).  And some awesome new jewelry from Nepal!  All super affordable.  Also 3 New Jackets in from Piplette.  (one pictured at the bottom)